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BodyBall is the Perfect Solution to get your heart pumping, endorphins flowing and calories burning. 


This Versatile Fitness Gym can be used Anywhere and Easy to Use especially for Beginners.


The BodyBall is the Perfect Workout Partner for people of All Fitness Levels. Starting out or a seasoned athlete, the BodyBall can help achieve All Fitness Goals.


Strategically Designed so it can be used for a Variety of Workouts and Training Styles


Tone Muscles, Improve Cardiovascular Health or get a Quick and Effective Workout, BodyBall is the Perfect Solution!


Made with Durable Materials, this device can withstand even the Most Intense workouts in the Harshest Environments. Easily Portable in Car or Backpack for office mid-day workout, waiting for kids to finish practice or have a break between running errands. 


BodyBall is the Solution to Fit Fitness into a busy schedule.

Home Workout Weight (20 lbs | 35 lbs)

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