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PHOTOS, MEASUREMENTS & THE DREADED SCALE This next area I am going to talk about is very important! Usually around 1 or 2 months into any fitness program, you will start to question the entirety of it. You look at your body numerous times a day, everyday, and sometimes it is hard to see the little progress you are making and thats when most people quit. Here is my recommendation to that. On DAY ONE of your new lifestyle, be sure to take front, side and back photos of yourself in a bathing suit or even less. Once the photos are taken, get a tape measurer and measure that narrowest point of your waist, your belly button, area around mid thighs and mid arms and around your chest and back. This is all very important because it will give you an exact number of how many inches your lost during the process even though you may not be able to visually see the progress. Last thing I am going to talk about is your weight on a scale. I am a supporter of daily weigh ins, however most people get this simple part WRONG. Here is the best way to do it... Weigh yourself everyday and at the end of the 7 days, add up all the weight taken for each day and then divide by 7. This will give you your WEEKLY AVERAGE. Do this week after week and you will really see how your body changes over time. Weigh in example… Mary weighs herself on Monday 120# Tuesday 122# Wednesday 121# Thursday 120# Friday 121# Saturday 120# Sunday 119# Week total = 843# 843# divided by 7 = 120.4# Do this week after week and go by the weekly averages. If your weight does not drop, then subtract about 200 daily calories from food and get outside and MOVE MORE!! That is it!!! Everything you need to get you started on the right path to a healthier and fit lifestyle with data you can compare week after week, month after month. I am here for you!! I know sometimes the hardest part is reaching out for help. But wouldn't you rather reach out and ask for help and get started in the right direction instead of trail and error of months of yoyo dieting and workout routines only to end up right back where you started from? Contact me RIGHT NOW HERE if you want a detailed fitness and nutrition plan that changes monthly and keeps you accountable to reaching all your lifestyle goals. -Zak

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