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I have been a personal trainer for over 10 years now and I have learned a lot along the way. I like to simplify things down to the absolute basic level to people of all ages can understand what I am trying to tell them. When it comes to your lifestyle and your fitness or nutrition goals, as each day passes you are either becoming more FIT or more FAT. And by the time night occurs you know which path you are walking down. If you self reflect at the end of your day and are completely honest with yourself, you know if you are getting fitter or fatter. The reason why most people fail at their weight loss goals is because they are overwhelming themselves with things that are way in the future. Don't think about next month or next week. Do whatever you have to do to stay focused on TODAY and make TODAY count! DO NOT tell yourself you have to lose 30 lbs. That is such a huge goal and you probably won’t get there without being 100% driven & accountable and having a sense of accomplishment along the way. Instead of making huge weight loss goals, break your big goal down into a bunch of smaller goals. FOCUS on losing that first 1-2 lbs. When you approach your weight loss journey this way, you are accomplishing way more goals and being rewarded with the sense of accomplishment which will keep you on the correct path of moving forward. Smaller goals are easier to work towards and you receive the satisfaction of completing them every few days. This little shift in thinking and preparing your life goals will make a huge impact in the way you approach them and go about to accomplishing them. This idea is the same for everything you do in your personal or professional life. Don’t over complicate things. Keep them SIMPLE. SIMPLICITY WORKS!!! You are your only Competition… It’s You vs YOU -Zak

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