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I have been a NASM personal trainer for over 10 years and I have trained all sorts of clients from all over New Jersey to now on the Big Island of Hawaii. Before I take on any new client, I go through a screening process during the first in person meeting while I cover some basic lifestyle and background medical questions. The first question I always ask people is "Why do you want to start working with a personal trainer." At first their answer is very generic..."I want to lose 20 lbs" or "I want to get stronger because of my age.” These types of answers are very common, so I acknowledge that response and continue to move on. While the time passes by about 20 mins or so and they begin to feel more comfortable with me, then I ask the same “Why” question again. It is usually followed by a smile and laugh of some sort but their answer always changes. Not to get into to much details but the gist of their answer is “I want to look better naked. My husband/wife doesn't look at me the same way anymore and I don't feel comfortable changing when I get out of the shower or I demand to have the lights off for the far and few times that we actually are intimate.” I usually respond with a similar smile and laugh they gave me and I tell them, “It’s OK, that answer is much more common then you would think.” Its funny how people don’t want to say this at first to a complete stranger and only after 20 mins they open up with honesty to me. This is a very crucial part in someones decision to decide working with a personal trainer because it is going to cost them hundreds of dollars every month and they are going to have to change their lifestyle and eating habits in order to reach their desired body image they have in their mind. In order for you to succeed at anything, you must have a strong “Why.” The desire to look and feel better naked is a great “why” for some people and it should have the force to keep them on track so they can see it through till the end. Depending on people’s age, but I think we all want to look better naked for our partners or for the sexual action itself with someone. We all want that confidence that we can portray to people around us and so we can feel good about ourselves. The relationship between fitness and sex is actually very intertwined. If you improve your fitness you will… -Get Stronger -Lose Body Fat -Improve Cardiovascular Performance -Increase Flexibility -Have More Energy -Reduce Stress -and many more benefits that are included when you begin your fitness journey. Lets breakdown all the above reasons and see how they are related to sex… -Get Stronger (Support your weight or your partners weight while in different sexual positions.) -Lose Body Fat (Feel confident having sex with the lights on and being proud of your new body.) -Improve Cardiovascular Performance (Perform longer and more intense without gassing out fast.) -Increase Flexibility (More sexual positions and locations you can perform.) -Have More Energy (Have the energy to initially start the sexual act. Sometimes just getting started is the hardest part.) -Reduce Stress (Have less stress to actually want to have sex and not sit around feeling bad or depressed) So as you can see, fitness and sex are related in more ways than one. Getting started on your fitness journey will be the best thing you ever do for yourself. You will improve you health and build a stronger body and mind so you can be there for your kids and grandkids one day. Your health is your most valuable asset. You can have all the money in the world and every opportunity handed to you, but if you don't have good health, you will not be around to experience all the great things that life has to offer. Improve your health. Improve your mind. Improve your spirit. Do it for you! Want to start on online workout or nutrition program, CLICK HERE and I will set you on the correct path towards success. Until Next Time… -Zak

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